3 Homeless Men Murdered In Los Vegas

(Rightallegiance.com) – The Los Angeles Police Department declared on Saturday the identification of a suspect linked to the recent homicides of three homeless individuals. The suspect, Jerrid Joseph Powell, 33, had already been taken into custody following his arrest earlier in the week for the killing of a county employee.

Powell, accused of fatally shooting a San Dimas resident during a robbery, was apprehended on Thursday. Police Chief Michel Moore revealed on Saturday that they connected Powell to the three homeless murders by matching his car, observed in the Tuesday killing’s surveillance footage, to the vehicle linked to the homeless victims. A handgun discovered in Powell’s vehicle also matched the weapon used in the homeless killings.

Describing the case as having a “striking set of circumstances,” Chief Moore emphasized the puzzling nature of the situation. Powell was arrested in Beverly Hills on Thursday for murder and robbery charges after authorities identified the vehicle used in the Tuesday killing. The suspect was apprehended in a traffic stop when his license plate matched that of the vehicle involved in the Tuesday incident.

Sheriff Robert Luna emphasized the goal of ensuring Powell’s prolonged confinement, stating, “The next objective is to put this guy away at minimum forever because he doesn’t deserve to be out on the street.”

Prior to linking Powell to the crimes, the police had been searching for the perpetrator responsible for killing three sleeping homeless individuals in Los Angeles during the week. Chief Moore had initially believed that the same person was behind all three deaths.

The three distinct attacks occurred on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday in different locations. All victims, sleeping in open areas like alleys or sidewalks, were men. The motive for the killings remained unknown.

Mayor Karen Bass urged homeless individuals not to sleep alone and announced the opening of emergency shelters. District Attorney George Gascón confirmed the availability of an emergency shelter for homeless individuals on Saturday night.

Powell had been incarcerated on Thursday for the death of Nicholas Simbolon, 42, who was found dead in his San Dimas garage on Tuesday night. Luna disclosed that it seemed Powell had followed Simbolon from an electric vehicle charging station to his home, robbing him before shooting and fleeing the scene.

Officials did not specify charges for Powell on Saturday. Police encouraged anyone with information about Powell’s potential involvement in other crimes to come forward, noting his background as a convicted felon with a history of violence. Sheriff Luna emphasized the importance of victims coming forward to report any interactions with Powell.