Former US Ambassador Arrested After Caught As Cuban Spy

( – A person who used to work for the U.S. government and was once an ambassador to Bolivia got in trouble.

The news says that this person, Manuel Rocha, got arrested because they think he was secretly working for the government of Cuba. This information comes from The Associated Press.

Manuel Rocha, who is 73 years old, got taken into custody in Miami on a Friday, and there’s a legal complaint against him. The officials will share more information about this case on Monday in court.

One of the two people who complained says the case by the Justice Department claims that Rocha was helping Cuba’s government.

The law says that if someone is doing political things for another country in the U.S., they have to tell the Justice Department. In recent years, the Justice Department has been strict about stopping people who do secret things for other countries.

Manuel Rocha worked for the U.S. government for 25 years, during times when both Democrats and Republicans were in charge.

Most of his career was in Latin America during the Cold War, but he also worked in Italy, Honduras, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. He was an expert on Latin America for the National Security Council.

When the AP contacted Rocha’s wife, Karla Wittkop Rocha, she didn’t want to talk. “I don’t need to talk to you,” she said before hanging up.