Hamas Agrees To Release 50 Hostages

(Cupventi.com) – Israel and Hamas decided to stop fighting temporarily to help people and agreed on a plan. Israel wants to bring back everyone taken as hostages.

The Prime Minister’s Office said, “At least 50 hostages – women and children – will be released for 4 days, and more will be released for each group of ten hostages. Israel will keep fighting to bring back all hostages and to make sure Gaza doesn’t threaten Israel again.”

The cease-fire was announced after talks, and Qatar helped make the deal. Israel will pause its attacks on Hamas, and Hamas will release hostages. For every three Palestinians released by Israel, Hamas will free one hostage.

Hamas took about 240 hostages during an attack in October, and they want to trade them for Palestinians in Israeli prisons. The first released hostages might not include all the women and children. It could take at least a day to release them, and they might do it slowly to see if peace lasts.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, had meetings and hoped for good news. Hamas and Israeli leaders said a deal was close while their forces were still fighting.

Qatar tried to get a deal earlier for Hamas to release 50 Israeli hostages, including three Americans. Some Americans are still missing.

The conflict started on October 7 with a big attack, and many people have been killed on both sides. Israel says it targeted many Hamas sites, and the fighting has caused a lot of damage. The health ministry in Gaza, run by Hamas, says many Palestinians have died in Israel’s counteroffensive.