Elon Musk Enters Thermonuclear Lawsuit

(Cupventi.com) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is checking if Media Matters did something wrong because Elon Musk, the CEO of X, thinks they might be acting dishonestly on social media.

X is a place where people can share thoughts online. Big companies like IBM, Apple, Disney, Lionsgate, and Paramount stopped putting ads on X because of problems.

Musk even talked about taking legal action against Media Matters.

Media Matters said X put ads next to hashtags that support white nationalism. But Musk thinks Media Matters made things up to trick companies that advertise on X.

Another Attorney General from Missouri, Andrew Bailey, is also looking into this. Paxton is starting an official investigation because he’s worried about what Musk said.

Paxton shared, “We are checking this issue to make sure people were not tricked by groups that want to limit free speech. We take action against groups breaking the law in Texas.”

Texas Attorney General’s office said they will be strict with groups that do wrong things in or affecting Texas.

Musk faced problems last week when he said something some people thought was against Jewish people. He later said anyone who talks about hurting a group of people will be banned from X.

Musk also wants to know the truth about the Media Matters report and thinks the process of finding out will be interesting.

This is not the first time companies stopped advertising on X. Last year, when Musk took charge of X, he promised to bring back free speech. Many companies stopped advertising then too. Now, Musk wants to find out if Media Matters is being truthful.