Bear Attacks Security Guard

( – In Aspen, Colorado, authorities are on the lookout for a bear following an incident at the St. Regis Aspen Resort on Monday night. According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), the bear broke into the hotel’s kitchen and attacked a security guard around 11 p.m.

The guard, responding to reports of a bear inside the hotel, encountered the animal in the kitchen. Startled, the bear swiped at the guard, knocking him to the ground.

Despite the attack, the guard managed to escape and promptly called 911 for assistance. First responders took him to the hospital, where he received treatment for scratches on his back. Wildlife officers arrived at the scene just after midnight to search for the bear.

An investigation revealed that the bear had entered the hotel through a series of doors near the courtyard. Officers, armed with a detailed description of the bear, continued their search and located the animal near the hotel early Tuesday morning. However, due to concerns for public safety, they were unable to safely tranquilize and capture the bear at that time.

The CPW emphasized that bears are still active in the area as they prepare for winter hibernation. The agency issued a warning, reminding the public to give wildlife space and to always be “bear aware.” Wildlife officers are expected to return to the area later to resume the search for the bear.