Texas Bill Allowing Deportation Without Feds Is Passed

(Cupventi.com) – On Thursday morning, the Texas state House of Representatives approved three bills aimed at strengthening border security. One of the bills allocates more than $1 billion for the construction of border barriers, while another increases penalties for human trafficking.

The third bill, known as House Bill 4, grants local police the authority to arrest and deport individuals who are in the country illegally.

These legislative measures have stirred controversy in state politics, leading to prolonged debates between Wednesday and Thursday. State Representative Cody Harris of Palestine moved to block any new amendments, concluding the discussion before the bill passed with a vote of 84-60.

State Representative Armando Lucio Walle of Houston expressed frustration with Harris, stating, “It hurts us to our core, and you don’t understand that. You don’t live in our skin.

And that’s what upsets me.” Despite federal court rulings giving jurisdiction over the border to the federal government, the bill aims to empower Texas law enforcement to address illegal immigration directly.

The legislation will now progress to the state Senate, where Republicans hold a significant majority, and it is anticipated that the bills will receive approval.

State Representative David Spille from Fort Worth defended the bill, calling it a “humane, logical, and efficient approach.” He argued, “There is nothing unfair about sending someone back to where they came from if they arrived here illegally.”

In the midst of these legislative developments, the Biden administration released new border statistics for September, marking the highest monthly encounters on record. Despite this, the administration continues to oppose border walls, recently reaffirming its stance after citing an “acute and immediate” need to waive federal regulations for construction in South Texas.