Youtuber Breaks Neck After Parachuting

( – In a gripping account shared on his YouTube channel, Anthony Vella, a 33-year-old YouTuber known for his adventures in the sky, provided a harrowing visual narrative of an accident in which he nearly lost his life. The video, titled “Paramotor Crash ALMOST Ended My Life,” captures a terrifying moment where Vella fell from a height of nearly 100 feet while piloting a motorized paraglider, resulting in severe injuries.

The incident occurred at Enchanted Rock State Park, located just northwest of Austin, Texas. Vella was testing the BDG Luna 3, described as a reflex paramotor wing suitable for intermediate and advanced pilots. The video shows Vella ascending into the air, full of enthusiasm, as he announces reaching a speed of 48 miles per hour. However, the joy quickly turns to horror as the paramotor wing malfunctions.

Footage from the vlog shows Vella checking his speed on his phone when suddenly the wing above him jerks, twisting him in mid-air and causing him to plummet between 85 to 100 feet to the ground. Vella’s camera captured his cries of “Oh man, 48 miles per hour. Come on, baby! Oh shit!” followed by a distressing thud as he hits the ground, breaking the frame of his motor backpack.

Immediately after the crash, Vella, in evident agony, manages to ask Siri to call 911. His screams of pain underscore the severity of the accident. Within minutes, two bystanders appear in the frame, assisting him by notifying emergency services and helping him contact his wife, Leandra.

Rescue personnel arrived about 30 minutes after the fall, where they found Vella in critical condition, assessing his injuries and trying to comfort him as he described the pain. Leandra arrived shortly before her husband was transported to the hospital, visibly shaken by the unfolding events. The video further reveals that Vella sustained multiple serious injuries requiring surgical intervention, including a fractured neck, back, pelvis, and a shattered right arm.

In a detailed description accompanying the video, Leandra expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support received from viewers and the community. She highlighted that the accident was caused by a small tension knot in the glider—a crucial detail Vella missed during his pre-flight checks. He clarified that the fault did not lie with the BDG Luna 3 itself but was due to the unnoticed knot that functioned like applying brakes mid-air.

Leandra’s heartfelt message in the video’s description also mentioned Anthony’s determination to recover and return to his active lifestyle. She invited viewers to subscribe and follow his rehabilitation journey and eventual return to flying, emphasizing their appreciation for the continued support from the community.

This event not only serves as a dramatic reminder of the risks associated with extreme sports but also underscores the importance of meticulous equipment checks before undertaking such ventures. The Vellas’ story, shared openly with the public, has turned into a source of inspiration and a testament to the resilience and support within the adventure sports community.