Trump Wins Iowa Caucus, DeSantis Gets 2nd

( – In a significant turn of events during the Iowa caucuses on Monday night, Former President Donald Trump notched a resounding victory, marking the kickoff of the 2024 Republican presidential nomination process. The Fox News Decision Desk officially declared Trump the winner at 8:31 pm ET, a mere half-hour into the caucuses taking place across the Hawkeye State.

This swift and decisive triumph in Iowa stands as a noteworthy early success in Trump’s determined bid to reclaim the White House. Despite facing the unprecedented circumstance of being the first former or current president to be indicted for a crime, Trump’s legal entanglements, including charges related to attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, seem to have done little to diminish his support among Republican voters.

Expressing his satisfaction and gratitude for the swift acknowledgment of his victory, Trump shared his sentiments with Fox News Digital’s Brooke Singman, stating, “I feel great. I am greatly honored by such an early call.” In his acknowledgment of the competition, he recognized it as credible and emphasized his gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him.

Trump’s strategic approach to the Iowa caucuses this time around reflected a significant departure from his narrow loss to Sen. Ted Cruz in 2016. Over the past year, the former president diligently assembled a formidable get-out-the-vote machine in the state, underscoring the importance he places on securing victory in this critical early contest.

As the night unfolded in Iowa, the key question that loomed large was whether Trump would not only secure a victory but also capture a majority of the votes in the caucuses. Additionally, there was speculation about whether he would surpass the previous record for the largest margin of victory by a Republican presidential candidate in the Iowa caucuses.

While Trump’s triumph was unequivocal, the unfolding results left open the question of who would emerge as a distant second behind him. Potential contenders for this position included former ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, as well as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The progression of the Iowa caucuses would provide further clarity on these dynamics as the night advanced.