Stash of Hamas Weapons Found At UN Headquarters

( – In a significant military operation that spanned over two weeks, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), in coordination with the Israel Security Agency (ISA), conducted targeted raids against Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip, specifically in the Shati and Tel al-Hawa regions. These operations led to the elimination of approximately 120 individuals identified by the IDF as Hamas terrorists and the destruction of 20 sites associated with terrorist infrastructure.

A pivotal discovery during these operations was made near a school operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Intelligence led the IDF to uncover a tunnel shaft, which was part of an extensive underground network. This network, according to the IDF, was a significant component of Hamas’ military intelligence operations, strategically passing underneath the building that houses UNRWA’s main headquarters in Gaza. This tunnel, extending over 700 meters, was raided by Israeli forces, who reported the seizure of a wide array of intelligence assets, though specifics about these assets were not disclosed.

The importance of this tunnel extended beyond its use for intelligence operations. The IDF’s investigations revealed that the UNRWA building provided electrical power to the Hamas tunnel, indicating a direct link between the UN facilities and the militant group’s infrastructure. Subsequent actions led the forces to conduct a targeted raid on the central headquarters of UNRWA. This raid uncovered large stockpiles of military-grade weaponry, including rifles, ammunition, grenades, and explosives, hidden within the premises. Furthermore, documents and intelligence gathered from UNRWA’s offices suggested that these facilities were not just passive storage locations but were actively utilized by Hamas operatives.

In response to these findings, UNRWA Commissioner-General Phillippe Lazzarini expressed his unawareness of the activities beneath the organization’s headquarters in Gaza. He noted that UNRWA staff had vacated the headquarters on October 12, following Israeli evacuation orders due to intensifying bombardment in the vicinity. Since then, the UNRWA compound had not been in use by the agency, leaving the organization out of the loop regarding any subsequent activities that might have occurred there.

Amid these developments, Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant conveyed a strong message in an interview with Fox News Digital, highlighting the involvement of “dozens” of UNRWA employees in terrorist attacks against Israel, which precipitated the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. Gallant’s comments underscored a critical perspective on UNRWA’s role and its employees’ involvement in militant activities, suggesting a need for a global reassessment of the organization’s operations and its implications for regional stability.

Gallant emphasized the necessity for the international community to adopt a new approach toward dealing with Hamas and addressing the humanitarian needs in Gaza. He criticized the financial support provided to UNRWA by various countries, arguing that it indirectly facilitated the activities of individuals engaged in terrorism, including acts of violence and kidnapping. This statement from a high-ranking Israeli official highlights the complexities surrounding international aid in conflict zones, where ensuring that assistance reaches those in need without empowering militant groups remains a formidable challenge.