Police Officer Dead After Mass Shooting

(Cupventi.com) – In a tragic incident on Thursday, a mass shooting in Minneapolis resulted in the deaths of four individuals, including a police officer and the suspected gunman. The shooting took place in the afternoon at an apartment building on Blaisdell Avenue near 22nd Street, leaving six people shot, including two police officers and four civilians.

Among the deceased were Officer Jamal Mitchell, whose sacrifice was honored by Mayor Jacob Frey in a late-night news conference. “We will remember his sacrifice, we will remember his name,” Mayor Frey solemnly stated.

The scene of the shooting was heavily secured by first responders, who blocked off a wide area around Blaisdell Avenue. Witnesses reported a massive police presence, including numerous squad cars, SWAT vehicles, and ambulances. By 8:30 p.m., city officials confirmed there was no ongoing threat to the public, although they urged residents to avoid the area as the investigation continued. Governor Walz announced that the Minnesota State Patrol and ATF agents were assisting local police with the situation.

First responders also gathered at Hennepin County Medical Center, where the injured officers were transported. The community is now in mourning as it comes to terms with this devastating event.