NFL Player Accused Of Sexual Assault

( – Brandon McManus and the Jacksonville Jaguars are facing a lawsuit, with McManus accused of sexually assaulting two female flight attendants.

The two women, referred to as Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II, claim that McManus, who is now with the Washington Commanders, assaulted them during a flight on the Jaguars’ plane last season. According to court documents cited by ESPN, the incidents took place on an international flight.

Doe I and Doe II allege that McManus inappropriately rubbed and grinded against them during the flight. They also assert that the Jaguars failed to supervise McManus properly or ensure a safe environment. The lawsuit describes the flight as turning into a “party” atmosphere, with McManus allegedly throwing $100 bills at the flight attendants to encourage inappropriate dancing.

The suit details further misconduct, including McManus attempting to kiss Doe I and walking away smirking after being confronted by Doe II. One of McManus’ teammates reportedly appeared ashamed of his actions when Doe I made eye contact with him during the first incident.

Both women claim to have suffered severe mental anguish, anxiety, psychological and emotional distress, as well as embarrassment and humiliation. The flight was their first on a Jaguars charter.

The lawsuit also mentions that other teammates ignored the flight attendants’ personal space.

In response, the Jaguars released a statement acknowledging the seriousness of the allegations and emphasizing their commitment to maintaining a team of high character. They stated they are looking into the matter further.

The Washington Commanders also issued a statement to ESPN, indicating they were made aware of the lawsuit and are taking the allegations seriously. They have been in communication with the League Office and McManus’ representation and are reserving further comments for now. McManus, who joined the Commanders this season, was 30-for-37 on field goals last year during his only season with the Jaguars, after spending nine seasons with the Denver Broncos.