Newsom and DeSantis Scheduled to Debate

( – Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, and California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, are going to have a big debate on Thursday. It’s like a face-off between two teams – the Red Team and the Blue Team. They will talk about important things for 90 minutes, and a guy named Sean Hannity will help keep things fair.

These governors have been fighting for a while now, and this debate is their chance to settle the score. It might get intense because they’ve been saying not-so-nice things about each other. The questions from Sean Hannity will cover topics like the economy, the border, and crime. No live audience will be there, so maybe they won’t interrupt each other too much.

Both governors want to prove their state is better. Newsom has been saying that people should leave Florida and come to California because it’s more free. DeSantis, on the other hand, doesn’t like California’s “woke” ideas and says people are actually leaving California for the freedom in Florida.

For DeSantis, this debate is a big deal because he’s trying to become the main Republican leader, almost like a team captain. He’s been doing okay in polls, but he needs a standout moment to get more attention.

Newsom, from California, has his own goals. Even though he said he won’t challenge President Biden, this debate lets him show off his skills on a big stage. We’ll see if he spends more time defending Biden or talking about his own achievements.

People are curious to see how many folks will tune in to watch this debate. In the past, debates with big-name candidates like Trump and Biden got a lot of viewers. But since these two governors aren’t the main players in their parties right now, we’ll have to see if people still find it interesting. Fox News, where the debate will be, is hoping for a lot of viewers.

So, get ready for a showdown between DeSantis and Newsom – it’s going to be a political game with lots of eyes watching!