Mom Sues Peloton After Son Dies Instantly On Bike

( – A mother is taking legal action against the upscale fitness company Peloton, asserting that her son tragically lost his life in a horrific accident while using one of their exercise bikes in his New York City apartment. The lawsuit alleges that the exercise bike fell on her son, severing his carotid artery and resulting in instantaneous death.

According to the lawsuit filed in New York in March, Johanna Furtado contends that the bike was not suitable or safe for its intended purpose. Peloton, however, is reportedly seeking to have the claims dismissed in separate court documents.

The tragic incident unfolded in January when Ryan Furtado was participating in a “Core” workout involving the Peloton bike. During the course of the workout, he was instructed to “disembark the bike to conduct exercises on the floor.”

Following the completion of the floor exercises, Ryan used the Peloton product to assist him in getting up from the ground. Tragically, the bike unexpectedly rotated and struck him in the neck and face, severing his carotid artery and causing instantaneous death, as stated in the lawsuit. The New York Police Department found Ryan on the floor of his Brooklyn apartment with the bike still resting on his neck and face.

Peloton has responded by asserting that any alleged injuries or damages were a result of the decedent’s own negligence or intentional actions.

In response to the lawsuit, Peloton spokesperson Ben Boyd expressed condolences to the Furtado family and emphasized the company’s commitment to the health and safety of its members.

The lawsuit contends that the company’s actions, or lack thereof, contributed to the unreasonable danger posed by the bike, particularly during stretching exercises. It alleges that Peloton failed to adequately test or inspect the bike’s warnings to ensure its safety and suitability for intended use, including the risk of injury while stretching on the bike.

The suit also claims that the warning label on the bike was inadequate and should have been supplemented with additional labels to warn users of potential injuries when using the bike to pull themselves up from the floor during workouts.

This incident adds to the challenges faced by Peloton as the company has sought to reposition itself by making its products more accessible. It represents the first reported fatality allegedly linked to one of Peloton’s bikes, although there have been previous incidents involving the company’s equipment.

In May 2021, Peloton recalled its Tread+ treadmill following the tragic death of a 6-year-old who was pulled under the machine. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 72 incidents of users, including adults, children, pets, and objects being pulled under the treadmill, resulting in 29 injuries.

The company also recalled its Tread treadmills due to a risk of injury, as reported by the CPSC. Former CEO John Foley characterized the child’s death as a “tragic accident.”