Model Found Dead In Refridgerator

( – In a recent report, it was disclosed that Maleesa Mooney, a freelance model and real estate agent based in Los Angeles, was discovered deceased in her apartment last month. The autopsy findings, released on Friday, revealed that the 31-year-old Mooney had been severely beaten, bound, and gagged.

Mooney’s lifeless body was found on September 12, with evidence of significant trauma, according to FOX 11 Los Angeles. Surveillance footage from September 6 showed Mooney in her apartment complex, but the last known sighting revealed an unidentified man using her key fob to access the building’s elevator and bringing plastic bags into her apartment.

Concerns arose when Mooney’s family, unable to reach her for over 24 hours, requested a welfare check from the Los Angeles Police Department on September 10. However, during the initial visit, officers left a card at her door without making direct contact.

Subsequent developments, such as the color of Mooney’s iPhone text messages changing and signs of possible phone tampering, raised suspicions. Building management eventually granted access to Mooney’s apartment on September 12, where she was discovered wedged inside her refrigerator. She had been bound with electrical cords and clothing, with a gag made of clothing in her mouth.

Mooney, who had recently moved into her new apartment, had hosted friends the night before her family lost contact with her. The autopsy report indicated blunt force trauma as the cause of death, with injuries concentrated around her head and extending to her body and extremities, including a fractured rib.

While the injuries were not individually deemed immediately life-threatening, the examiner concluded that Mooney likely experienced a violent physical altercation before her death. The report suggested that suffocation may have played a role, and post-mortem findings indicated the presence of cocaine in her system.

The manner of death was classified as “homicidal violence,” but as of now, no arrests have been made, and the LAPD has not publicly identified any suspects. Mooney’s sister, Jourdin Pauline, expressed grief and disbelief on social media, using the hashtag #JUSTICEFORMALEESA to seek answers and ensure her sister’s death does not go without accountability.