Louvre Evacuated After Suspected Attack

(Cupventi.com) – The Louvre Museum in Paris took precautionary measures by evacuating all visitors and employees due to concerns about a potential terrorist threat. On a Saturday morning, the museum’s alarms were activated, and staff guided everyone out after receiving a written warning.

As individuals swiftly left the premises, law enforcement officers surrounded the renowned landmark and conducted a thorough search of the area. France is presently on high alert following a widely publicized attack by a radicalized former student.

On the previous Friday morning, a Chechen immigrant who was on France’s extremist watch list purportedly fatally stabbed a teacher and injured two others in a suspected terror attack. The country’s president described it as an assassination. The incident occurred outside a school in Arras, approximately 115 miles north of Paris, near the border with Belgium. A suspect is currently in custody, according to France’s interior minister Gerald Darmanin.

French authorities suspect terrorism as the motive behind the attack, which occurred amidst heightened tensions and conflict in Israel following a terrorist attack by Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip.

During a news briefing, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that police thwarted a second attempted attack after the stabbing, underscoring the brutality of Islamic terrorism.

In response to the situation, Darmanin issued a nationwide ban on demonstrations in support of the Palestinians on Thursday.

Since the recent Hamas attack on Israel, at least 24 individuals have faced charges related to antisemitic acts in France.