Largest Police Force Endorses Donald Trump

( – The Florida Police Benevolent Association (PBA), the largest law enforcement union in the Sunshine State, has made its preference known for the upcoming presidential race this November. The union, representing a membership of 30,000, has thrown its weight behind former President Donald Trump, citing a series of issues they believe have worsened under the current administration led by President Joe Biden.

John Kazanjian, the president of the Florida PBA, made the announcement, emphasizing the critical state of the nation and the challenges it faces. In his statement, released to the media, Kazanjian highlighted a deteriorating situation over the past four years, pointing to a significant exodus of law enforcement officers, escalating crime rates in major urban centers, and the challenges posed by the influx of over 8 million migrants. These factors, according to Kazanjian, have placed an unsustainable burden on local governments, straining their capacity to ensure public safety and deliver essential services.

Kazanjian’s letter to the public, outlining the union’s stance, underscored the consequential nature of the upcoming election. “This November, America is once again at a critical juncture. The choice we make in electing the next president of the United States will have a lasting impact on our nation for generations to come,” he asserted. The endorsement of Trump was portrayed as an unequivocal decision, rooted in the belief that his leadership would best serve the country’s needs, especially in defending the police and addressing the border crisis.

The union’s endorsement is not just a statement of preference but a call to action. Kazanjian urged the PBA’s members, their families, and supporters of law enforcement across Florida to vote for Trump, echoing the former president’s campaign slogan, “Together we’ll make America great again.”

This political endorsement comes against the backdrop of rising murder rates in several of the nation’s largest cities, including Washington, D.C., Memphis, and New Orleans. This uptick in violence contrasts with overall lower crime rates nationally, according to FBI statistics. The situation is further complicated by increasing retail thefts, causing some businesses to close their doors due to significant losses.

Previously, the Florida PBA had endorsed their state governor, Ron DeSantis, during the Republican primary race. However, following DeSantis’s withdrawal from the contest after the Iowa caucuses in January, the union has now aligned itself with Trump. Trump’s position as the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee was solidified after key victories in the primaries and the departure of former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley from the race.

The Florida PBA’s endorsement reflects not only the political leanings of its members but also the broader concerns of law enforcement professionals about the direction of the country under its current leadership. With the presidential election on the horizon, the union’s support for Trump signals a significant moment in the ongoing debate over public safety, immigration, and law enforcement’s role in American society.