Jeopardy Host Fired From Show

( – Mayim Bialik shared some news about “Jeopardy!” on her Instagram. She said, “I won’t be hosting Jeopardy! anymore.” The actress, known for “The Big Bang Theory,” mentioned that she felt honored to be nominated for an Emmy for hosting the show this year.

She thanked everyone who supported her on this journey, including fans, contestants, writers, and the crew.

A spokesperson for Bialik confirmed her leaving. Sony and Ken Jennings, the co-host, didn’t respond to requests for comments. “Jeopardy!” posted on Instagram, “Mayim Bialik won’t be hosting the show anymore. Ken Jennings will be the only host for the next season.”

The post also thanked Bialik for her contributions and hinted at working together on special episodes. Bialik and Jennings became hosts after Alex Trebek, the long-time host, passed away in 2020.

They were initially temporary hosts but later became permanent ones.

Before “Jeopardy!,” Jennings was a record-breaking contestant. He won 74 games in a row in 2004. Bialik took a break from hosting in May because of a strike, and Jennings took over.

He has been the sole host since the 40th season started in September. Both Bialik and Jennings are nominated for an Emmy, with the awards scheduled for January 15, 2024, after being delayed due to the strikes.