Italy Prime Minister And Lover Separate

( – Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has publicly announced the end of her nearly decade-long relationship with Andrea Giambruno, following the revelation of his explicit comments made to colleagues.

Meloni expressed gratitude for the shared years and challenges, acknowledging their daughter Ginevra as the most significant outcome of their union. In a statement on X, she stated, “Our paths have diverged for some time, and the time has come to acknowledge it.”

The announcement came in the wake of a television broadcast exposing Giambruno’s off-camera remarks, where he was heard making suggestive comments to a female colleague. The satirical show, Striscia La Notizia, revealed instances of flirtation, explicit propositions, and discussions about an alleged affair involving group encounters. Giambruno, a news presenter for Italy’s largest broadcaster Mediaset, faced repercussions as the network took him off air and initiated an internal investigation into potential violations of the company’s code of conduct.

Meloni, who made history as Italy’s first female prime minister in September of the previous year, defended her decision, emphasizing the need to protect her daughter and stating, “I will defend what we were, I will defend our friendship.” She also addressed criticisms, asserting resilience against attempts to weaken her by targeting her personal life.

Giambruno, previously embroiled in controversy for remarks perceived as victim-blaming, faced public backlash. Italian pollster Antonio Noto suggested that Meloni’s handling of the breakup could have political advantages, citing positive social media reactions.

The fallout from this personal matter reflects the intertwining of private life and public image for political figures, with potential consequences extending beyond the realm of personal relationships.