Christian McCaffrey Gets Married to Olivia Culpo

( – Olivia Culpo is expressing her eagerness to begin a family with Christian McCaffrey, the running back for the San Francisco 49ers.

Having become engaged to the NFL star in April, Culpo openly shared her plans to start trying for children immediately after their wedding.

In a TikTok video, the former Miss Universe, aged 31, hinted at visiting her wedding venue without disclosing its location, adding an air of excitement. Culpo revealed that it took them a considerable amount of time to decide on a wedding location, initially considering Colorado due to McCaffrey’s roots there. However, she humorously revealed her parents’ backyard as the apparent venue.

Culpo had, at one point, contemplated being a bachelorette for a while, advising her viewers to pray for their future spouses, emphasizing that it worked for her.

Addressing the foundation of her relationship with McCaffrey, Culpo highlighted their strong connection to faith. She stressed that their relationship has always been rooted in God, providing a source of support during challenging times. Culpo believes that having a faith-based foundation is crucial in any relationship, offering a solid base for overcoming difficulties.

The topic of starting a family is not new for Culpo, who has been open about her plans on her reality show “The Culpo Sisters.” She previously mentioned her intention to freeze her eggs as a proactive and empowering measure, especially since she envisions a large family. Culpo, who comes from a sizable family herself, encourages others in their 30s who haven’t had children yet to consider freezing their eggs as a way to gain more control over family planning.