Fauci Says Masking Will Most Likely Come Back

(Cupventi.com) – In a Saturday interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who used to give advice about health in the White House, talked about why wearing masks is important now that COVID cases are going up.

Dr. Fauci said he’s worried that if they say we should wear masks again, some people might not listen. He hopes that if experts like the CDC suggest wearing masks, people will follow their advice and think about keeping themselves and their families safe.

Dr. Fauci also talked about a study from January 2023 that said masks might not always stop the virus. He thinks that when one person wears a mask, it might not help a lot. But if everyone wears masks, it can help.

The study looked at people who wore masks and people who didn’t. It found that wearing masks didn’t make a big difference in how many people got sick or got COVID when they did lab tests.

Right now, the number of people going to the hospital with COVID is going up, and more people are dying from it. But it’s still not as bad as it was in January 2023, when things were really bad.

Dr. Marc Siegel, who is a doctor and talks about health on TV, thinks that masks can be useful, especially if there’s a lot of virus around and you’re close to people who might get sick. But he says masks only work if you wear them the right way.

He also worries that wearing masks can be hard for young kids because they need to see faces to learn and make friends. Sometimes, they don’t wear masks correctly.

Dr. Siegel agrees that masks can be good in places like hospitals and doctors’ offices, where sick people are. But he doesn’t think everyone should have to wear them all the time.

The CDC used to say that all Americans had to wear masks on public transportation, but they changed that rule when things got better. Right now, no states in the U.S. say everyone has to wear masks, but some places like hospitals, schools, and companies are asking people to wear masks again to stay safe.