Congressman’s Wife Reportedly Got Off ‘Scot Free’ After Killing Pedestrian

( – Nadine Arslanian Menendez, the spouse of Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey who is facing recent charges, was involved in a fatal accident in December 2018 in New Jersey. Reports from the local media suggest that she struck and fatally injured a man while driving her Mercedes-Benz.

According to the obtained police reports, the individual who was struck, identified as Richard Koop, was jaywalking at the time of the incident, resulting in Arslanian being deemed not at fault. Dashcam footage of her interaction with Bogota police revealed that she was not subjected to a DUI test and was allowed to leave after giving a brief statement.

At the time of the tragic crash, Arslanian was dating Senator Menendez. The incident led to severe injuries to Koop, as reported by the Bergen County medical examiner.

Senator Menendez addressed the incident, expressing condolences to the family and acknowledging it as a tragic accident.

In a subsequent federal indictment related to a bribery scheme, it was disclosed that Arslanian informed individuals linked to the alleged bribery about no longer having a vehicle after the crash. Following this, she received a 2019 Mercedes-Benz valued at over $60,000. The indictment also outlined allegations of Menendez’s involvement in interfering with a criminal insurance fraud prosecution.

Koop’s sister, Rosemarie Koop-Angelicola, expressed concerns about the investigation process, citing perceived deficiencies in the thoroughness of the investigation and media coverage.

Arslanian had previously been involved in traffic incidents, garnering penalties for various offenses from 2007 to 2021. Both Menendez and Arslanian have pleaded not guilty to the federal bribery charges.

In June 2022, federal agents executed a search warrant at Menendez’s and Arslanian’s residence, uncovering items allegedly linked to the bribery scheme, including cash and luxury items. The indictment specified the discovery of substantial amounts of cash and belongings with ties to individuals implicated in the bribery scheme. Some envelopes containing cash were found with connections to figures involved, as well as within Menendez’s personal belongings.