Chipotle Worker Badly Beaten Over Chicken Serving

( – A furious couple from North Carolina is currently being sought by the authorities for a brutal assault on a Chipotle worker in South Carolina. The incident unfolded on December 10 when Jamel Williams, 36, and Kayla Pyle, 34, placed an order at the Chipotle. The altercation began when a 20-year-old worker informed Pyle that the request for extra chicken would incur an additional cost, leading to a heated argument.

Following the dispute, the unidentified worker, visibly upset, decided to end her shift early and head home around 9 p.m. from the Indian Land eatery near Charlotte. The specific details of the argument remain unclear. As the worker moved towards the exit on one side of the dining room, Williams, who is significantly larger at 6 feet 3 inches tall and 300 pounds, entered from the other side and confronted the victim.

According to a statement from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, Williams forcibly pushed the worker to the floor, assaulting her by hitting, pulling her hair, and jerking her around. Pyle also joined in the attack, striking the victim. Video footage circulating online captures the disturbing incident, with the Chipotle worker falling to the ground and attempting to protect herself.

Customers present at the scene can be heard urging the attackers to stop. In one instance, Williams, identifiable by his red pants, is seen delivering a powerful uppercut to the victim. Law enforcement was called to the scene, but the assailants had already fled in a Dodge Charger by the time officers arrived.

Sheriff Barry Faile commented on the incident, stating, “I don’t know what was said between Pyle and the victim, but the victim was leaving for home and was chased down from behind by Williams and attacked in the dining room of the restaurant. The assault was completely unjustified. I hope the victim has recovered from her injuries.”

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, with assistance from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, identified Williams and Pyle. Arrest warrants were issued on Wednesday, charging Williams with assault and battery in the first degree and Pyle with assault and battery in the second degree. Sheriff Faile urged the suspects to turn themselves in, allowing the judicial system to proceed with the case.