Barack Obama Releases a Statement on Hamas Terrorism

( – An hour ago, Barack Obama publicly expressed his distress and condemnation regarding the recent Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel. The former U.S. President made his remarks on X (formerly known as Twitter) two days after the commencement of the hostilities on a Saturday morning. During the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, Hamas terrorists initiated a surprise assault on Israel.

In his statement, Obama conveyed profound dismay and outrage at the audacious terrorist assaults on Israel and the tragic loss of innocent lives. He expressed condolences for the deceased, prayers for the safe return of hostages, and firm solidarity with Israel as it combats Hamas.

Moreover, Obama emphasized the necessity for peace between the Israeli and Palestinian populations. He advocated for supporting Israel’s right to defend itself while striving for a fair and lasting peace for both Israelis and Palestinians.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, also released a joint statement alongside several European nations and the United States, demonstrating solidarity with Israel and condemning Hamas’ terrorist actions unequivocally. The statement underscored the lack of justification or legitimacy for Hamas’ actions and expressed support for the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, despite condemning Hamas for promoting terror and violence.

The statement acknowledged the ongoing Hamas attacks, which began on Simchat Torah and have resulted in a significant loss of life. The National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, discussed the situation, addressing rumors of Iranian involvement but refraining from confirming any direct connection.

Regarding the unfreezing of $6 billion for Iran during a prisoner swap, Kirby clarified that the money would be strictly used for humanitarian purposes and not directly accessed by the Iranian regime for other purposes. He emphasized that the funds could be refrozen if needed, and reiterated that the funds were allocated for approved vendors to provide essential supplies like medical items and food to the Iranian people.