Newsom Runs Over Children In Basketball Game

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, became the subject of social media mockery when a video went viral showing him stumbling over a child while playing basketball in China.

In the footage, Newsom was seen dribbling and engaging in a basketball game with a group of Chinese students. As he ran, he collided with one of the students, leading to both of them falling to the ground. Newsom quickly reached out, pulled the boy up, and shared a laugh while patting the child on the back.

The incident struck many as peculiar, prompting questions about Newsom’s presence in China. Conservative figure Graham Allen questioned the governor’s purpose in China, stating, “Gavin Newsom RAN OVER a small Chinese child while playing basketball in China!!! Why is Gavin Newsom in China in the first place?!?!!”

Similarly, reporter Benjamin Rothove from The College Fix wondered, “Why is Gavin Newsom in China at all? There is no way he could possibly think that would be good optics.”

Some critics found humor in the situation, with Julie Hamill, founder of the Alliance of Los Angeles County Parents, sarcastically remarking, “OMG my governor is so cool and relatable! Watch him take out a small child while desperately trying to emulate Barack Obama while on a foreign visit to one of the world’s leading dictators.”

Commentator Kate Hyde added her perspective, saying, “I can’t stop watching this clip of Gavin Newsom playing basketball in China where he slips and flattens a kid then plays it off by pretending to beat the kid up.”

Newsom’s visit to China included a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing, described as an effort to “renew our friendship and reengage (on) foundational and fundamental issues that will determine our collective fate in the future.” The trip, focused on addressing the threat of climate change, sparked criticism for occurring amid strained U.S.-China relations. Additionally, speculation arose about whether Newsom’s interactions with Jinping were part of a strategic move positioning him as a potential Democratic candidate for president in 2024, potentially as a replacement for President Biden.