New York Times Article Questions Taylor Swift’s Sexuality

( – Following the publication of an editorial that raised questions about Taylor Swift’s sexuality, the New York Times found itself in a clash with the singer’s devoted fan base, known as “Swifties.”

Swifties vehemently criticized the publication for featuring an opinion piece that suggested Swift might be gay. The article extensively analyzed Swift’s actions since attaining fame, proposing that certain decisions or statements she made subtly hinted at her concealed sexuality.

The social media backlash against the article was substantial, with users expressing their discontent. One person declared, “Just canceled my subscription. This article is sexist and grossly inappropriate.” Another user remarked, “Wow… throwing ethics out the window early this year.”

Fans were appalled that a reputable outlet like the New York Times would publish something they considered highly objectionable.

One individual condemned the piece, stating, “This essay is a fireable offense – poorly written, horribly invasive, and objectionable in myriad ways. It is both galling and weird that NYT would publish a speculative piece on someone’s gender identity. This is beneath the editorial standards of NYT Opinion. Do Better.”

Expressing their disgust, another person revealed, “I’m not a big fan of hers but I am totally disgusted by this & will be canceling my New York Times subscription tomorrow morning.”

The public’s ongoing fascination with Swift’s romantic life, often featured in tabloids, has been a source of frustration for the singer. In October, when Swift re-released her album “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” she included a prologue addressing the media’s intrusive interest in her private life and how she had translated that experience into her music.

Swift highlighted the challenges she faced, including the assumption that any interaction with a male friend implied a romantic involvement. To counter this narrative, she spent more time with her female friends, emphasizing her commitment to personal growth and female friendships.

Social media users drew connections between Swift’s prologue and the New York Times article, pointing out her previous requests to stop sensationalizing her personal life.

Despite the op-ed, penned by Anna Marks, delving into Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Swift has not commented on the piece. Marks questioned the nature of Swift and Kelce’s relationship, pondering whether it was a “romance for the ages? strategic brand partnership? performance art for entertainment’s sake?”

Swift only recently confirmed her relationship with Kelce in a rare moment of transparency, but she has not directly addressed the opinions raised in the New York Times article. Swift is expected to attend the Golden Globe Awards, where she is a nominee, on Sunday night.