Millionaires Caught Funding Anti-Israel Protests

( – A really rich person who knows a lot about technology and his wife are giving money to groups that support Palestine in protests. These protests happened because a group called Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

The rich person, Neville Roy Singham, and his wife Jodie Evans have been supporting a group called The People’s Forum since 2017. This group helps different communities and young people who want to make positive changes in the world.

The People’s Forum helped organize protests supporting Palestine after the attack by Hamas. On the day of the attack, the group didn’t criticize the terrorist group and instead called for the U.S. to stop helping Israel.

They also shared posters with a saying that some people think is against Jewish people. There was a protest in New York City on October 8, and The People’s Forum used social media to encourage people to support Palestine.

They organized more protests on November 4 and 9 to ask the U.S. to stop supporting Israel. During the November 9 protest, people went into the lobby of a big company called BlackRock, claiming they “shut down” the company’s office.

The leader of The People’s Forum criticized a march supporting Israel and called it a “Pro-Genocide March.” He said the march supported apartheid and occupation, and accused the speakers of being racists. Another protest is planned for November 17, calling for walkouts, sit-ins, and marches against companies that support Israel.

People are also saying that Neville Roy Singham and The People’s Forum are connected to Chinese news outlets that spread information. Some politicians are concerned about this and want the government to investigate if they are breaking any laws.

Sen. Marco Rubio wrote a letter asking the Department of Justice to look into it. He thinks that organizations linked to Neville Roy Singham may be getting directions from the Chinese government. Rubio is worried that Singham, who made a lot of money from his company Thoughtworks, is secretly sending money to far-left groups. Some of the groups under investigation are The People’s Forum, Dongsheng News, and Code Pink. The People’s Forum didn’t respond when someone asked them for a comment.