Disney Sued After Doctor Has Fatal Allergic Reaction

(Cupventi.com) – A tragic incident has unfolded involving Disney and Raglan Road, an Irish restaurant located within the Disney Springs area, following the unfortunate demise of Dr. Kanokporn Tangsuan, a New York-based doctor. Dr. Tangsuan’s husband, Jeffrey Piccolo, has initiated legal action against both entities, alleging that their negligence led to his wife’s fatal allergic reaction.

The legal filing, introduced in a Florida court, details the sorrowful events leading to Dr. Tangsuan’s death in early October. The lawsuit articulates that during a visit to Raglan Road, an establishment on Disney World’s premises, Dr. Tangsuan succumbed to an allergic reaction. The core of the lawsuit revolves around accusations of negligence against both Disney and the restaurant, asserting that their failure to adhere to safety protocols regarding food allergies directly contributed to the tragic outcome.

Jeffrey Piccolo is seeking compensation from Disney and Raglan Road, with claims surpassing $50,000. The complaint underscores the profound emotional distress, loss of companionship, and various other damages Piccolo has endured following his wife’s passing. The lawsuit emphasizes the alleged breach of duty by Disney and Raglan Road in ensuring the safety of meals advertised or requested as allergen-free, particularly highlighting the lack of measures to protect guests with severe food allergies.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Tangsuan, who had severe allergies to dairy and nuts, and her husband had informed their waiter of these allergies, explicitly requesting that her meals be free from these substances. Despite these precautions, the lawsuit alleges that the food served—including fritters, scallops, a vegan shepherd’s pie, and onion rings—was communicated to be free of dairy and nuts without proper verification. This claim points to a significant lapse in the restaurant’s handling of allergen-free requests, suggesting a failure in training and instructing staff adequately on the importance of allergen management.

The aftermath of the dining experience was catastrophic. Dr. Tangsuan experienced a severe allergic reaction while shopping, an activity that followed closely after the meal at Raglan Road. She was 42 years old at the time of her death, a detail mournfully noted in her obituary.

In response to the lawsuit, FOX Business reached out to Disney for comments, which were pending at the time of their report. Raglan Road, a staple in Disney Springs since 2005, is celebrated for its authentic Irish cuisine and vibrant cultural offerings, including live music and dance. This incident casts a shadow over the restaurant’s long-standing reputation and raises critical questions about the food industry’s responsibility in catering to guests with serious dietary restrictions.