Country Singer Chris Young Arrested At Bar

( – In a recent incident that has caught the attention of the media, well-known country music artist Chris Young found himself in legal trouble following an altercation at a renowned bar in Nashville. The episode unfolded on a Monday evening, as confirmed by sources.

Chris Young, renowned for his hit “I’m Comin’ Over,” faced a series of legal challenges after being apprehended by officers from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC). At 38 years old, the musician now confronts allegations that include disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. A court appearance is scheduled for Young on February 16 to address these accusations.

The situation began to escalate when ABC agents entered the Tin Roof bar for a routine compliance check around 8:30 p.m. During this check, Young was observed holding his identification card above his head. An agent, after verifying Young’s age from the ID, returned the card to him. It was at this point that Young reportedly began to interrogate the agents, all the while recording the exchange.

Once the agents completed their inspection at the Tin Roof, they proceeded to Dawg House, a neighboring bar, for further compliance checks. Young, accompanied by a group, followed the agents to this next location. It was here that the situation took a turn for the worse. As per the ABC agent’s account, Young allegedly obstructed the agent’s path and even struck him. The agent responded by pushing Young away to maintain distance, leading to further commotion involving other patrons of the bar.

The situation necessitated the physical restraint of Young, who was handcuffed amidst the escalating hostility. The arrest affidavit noted Young’s physical state at the time, mentioning his bloodshot and watery eyes and slurred speech. Requests for comments from Young’s representative by Fox News Digital received no immediate response.

Chris Young’s journey to fame began with his victory in the 2006 “Nashville Star” singing competition. This triumph led to a contract with RCA Records Nashville and the release of his debut album in the same year. His initial single, “Drinkin’ Me Lonely,” achieved significant success, climbing the Billboard Hot Country chart to eventually secure the number one position.

Throughout his career, Young has released a total of eight studio albums, with his latest, “Famous Friends,” debuting in 2021. His work in the country music industry has been widely recognized, earning him a spot among notable artists of the genre. However, this recent incident marks a challenging phase in his career, as he navigates through the legal repercussions of the events that transpired in Nashville.